Image of Truck Plowing Snow

Avalanche Property Maintenance & Services

Avalanche Property Maintenance is a maintenance company that also has an ownership interest in McNeill Property Management. Avalanche provides many of the maintenance services for the associations that are managed by MPM, including snow removal, lawn care, building maintenance, housekeeping services, interior unit inspections, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chimney inspections / cleaning, minor roof repairs and minor plumbing, drywall, electrical and painting.

Many of the associations managed by MPM choose Avalanche as their provider for the above-noted services based upon the competitive bidding process. Associations that choose Avalanche also have greater control of the timing and professional level of these services. Having Avalanche on site for snow removal and lawn care ensures a regular inspection of the common elements and reporting of any outstanding issues to management and the Board of Directors. The Avalanche Property Maintenance team has been serving Vail Valley properties since 1998.
You can arrange for Avalanche services by contacting the McNeill Property Management office at (970) 479-6047 and any specific questions may be directed to Dan McNeill at [email protected].